Labensky Junior Photopage


My name is Stephan and I am interested in photography as a hobby photographer. At school I visit the Foto-Club. Most of the photos on this page have been taken on holidays.
Currently my gear is a Nikon D90 with the Nikkor18-200, the 35mm 1.8 and the macro lens with 40mm 2.8. I shoot in Raw to edit my photos later.
As soon as I have new picture I will uptate.
Please enjoy!

wild marmot in the austrian alps
illuminated ice blog in a winter night
Rock on a beach in France
English flag on a castle in England
Flowers in the sun
Purple bud of a tree in the forest
Castle on a rock above the Altmühl
red fish in a lake
Plant in a wall in england
light painting in the dark
Face painted with light
street with lights made with long exposure
street with lights made with long exposure
robin on lawn
Squirrel eats a nut
Deer goes into the forest
Goat that eats a leaf
Cat on a stone wall (France)
thirsty cat drinks water
a cat sleeps on the sofa
Great spotted woodpecker in a tree hollow